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Manager and its contact information

The controller of personal data processing is SIA “Lāču Alus” (unified registration No. 52103110991; legal and actual address: Čiekurkalna 1st line 84, Riga, LV-1026, which owns the online store, hereinafter - contact information for personal data processing issues: info Using this contact information or contacting may ask questions about the processing of personal data.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide information on the purpose, scope, protection and terms of processing of personal data.

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person or customer: name, surname, personal identification number, address of residence or delivery, personal telephone number, personal e-mail, occupation, services received, billing information, telephone, electronic communication information and other information applicable to a natural person - customer.

Scope of application

The Privacy Policy applies to ensuring the protection of privacy and personal data in relation to natural persons or data subjects - potential, past and present. customers and buyers, for online store visitors, hereinafter - Customers.

The Privacy Policy applies to the processing of data, regardless of the form or environment in which the Customer provides personal data ( online store, mobile applications, on paper or electronically) and in which systems or on paper they are processed.

Purposes of personal data processing (purposes) processes personal data for the following purposes (purposes):

For the sale of goods and provision of commercial activities: - for customer identification and service:

for the preparation of a bill of lading or invoice,

delivery (dispatch) of goods,

return or exchange of goods,

refund of purchase money,

guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations,

improvement of goods, development of new goods,

for commercial purposes, the advertising and distribution of goods,

review and processing of customer complaints,

customer retention and loyalty building or loyalty bonuses,

settlement administration and reporting,

maintenance and improvement of websites and mobile applications,

business analysis and planning,

production of statistics, improvement of websites and quality of services,

creating customized content for customers through advertising,

for the provision of information to state or local government institutions in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments.

Legal basis for personal data processing

The legal (legal) bases of the processing of the Customer's personal data performed by are as follows:

Customer's application or order - to fulfill the Customer's order (purchase), to deliver the product to the Customer, return the product or money, exchange the product, review the Customer's complaint, fulfill the warranty obligations, etc .;

Execution of regulatory enactments - to fulfill the obligations specified in binding external regulatory enactments;

Customer consent;

Legal interests - in order to realize the legal interests of arising from external regulatory enactments or from the obligations existing between and the Customer:

to do business,

sell goods,

ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations,

to save the Customer's applications and submissions regarding the purchase of goods, other applications and submissions, notes on them, including those made orally by calling the call centers, on the websites,

to analyze the operation of website and websites, to develop and implement their improvements,

to administer the Client's account on websites,

take actions to retain Customers,

to segment the Customer database for more efficient sale of goods,

to develop the product assortment,

advertise your goods by sending commercial communications,

send other reports on the progress of the execution of the order or obligations and the conditions essential for the execution,

to conduct customer surveys on goods,

provide financial and business accounting and analytics,

to ensure and promote the efficiency of the sale and delivery of goods,

administer payments and outstanding payments,

to apply to state or local government institutions and courts for the protection of their legal interests, as well as for legal assistance.

Processing of personal data processes personal data in accordance with the purposes (goals) and legal bases of data processing. processes the Customer's data using modern technological possibilities, taking into account the existing privacy risks and the organizational, financial and technical resources reasonably available to

The Customer's refusal to provide personal data, which is absolutely necessary for the performance of certain activities, creates obstacles for the Customer to receive, but to perform certain activities, for example: buy / sell a product in online store, order delivery / deliver, return product, receive / refund purchase money, receive / grant loyalty bonuses, etc.

Regarding the Customer, can perform automated decision-making, ie one that is based only on automated processing and that takes place using technological means and without human participation. The customer may object to automated decision making; this, in certain cases, may restrict the Customer from using or receiving the options available to him (for example, to apply for the return of the product and refund of the purchase money).

For high-quality and fast execution of customer orders (purchases), may authorize third parties or its cooperation partners to perform certain goods delivery activities, such as sending purchased goods, sending invoices, etc. If third parties or cooperation partners process the Customer's personal data held by for the performance of these tasks, the relevant third parties or cooperation partners are considered processors and has the right to transfer to them the Customer's personal data necessary for the performance of tasks to the extent necessary. activities.

Transfer of personal data to third parties and third country entities does not disclose to third parties and does not transfer the Customer's personal data or any other information about the Customer for processing outside the European Union and the European Economic Area or, except for:

if the data must be transferred to the relevant third party within the framework of a concluded contract in order to perform a function necessary for the performance of the contract or delegated by law (for example, to a bank for settlement or to provide a service, for example to deliver goods by courier or parcel post),

in accordance with the Client's explicit and voluntary consent,

to the persons specified in external regulatory enactments, in the specified cases, in the specified procedure and to the specified extent,

To protect the legitimate interests of, for example, by applying to a court or other state institutions against a person who has violated the legitimate interests of

Protection of personal data protects the Customer's data using the possibilities of modern technologies, taking into account the existing privacy risks and the organizational, financial and technical resources reasonably available to, including the use of the following security measures:

data encryption when transmitting data,

other protection measures in accordance with the current technical development possibilities.

Duration of personal data storage stores and processes the Customer's personal data as long as one of the following grounds exists:

while in accordance with the procedures specified in external regulatory enactments or the Customer may realize their legal interests (for example, submit objections or bring or bring a claim to court),

as long as has the obligation to store data specified in external regulatory enactments,

as long as the Customer's consent to the relevant personal data processing is valid, if there is no other legal basis for data processing,

when the circumstances mentioned here end, the Customer's personal data is deleted.

Access to personal data and other rights of the Customer

The customer has the right to:

to receive the information specified in regulatory enactments in connection with the processing of his or her data. online store Customer information is placed and available in a private office, where the Customer can verify the accuracy of their data and correct it,

in accordance with regulatory enactments to request access to your personal data,

to request to supplement, correct or delete personal data or restrict processing in relation to the Customer,

objects to the processing (including the processing of personal data performed on the basis of the legitimate interests of,

to data portability.

This right shall be exercised insofar as the data processing does not arise from the obligations of imposed on it by the applicable external regulatory enactments and which are performed in the public interest.

The Client may submit a request for the exercise of his rights:

in writing in person at retail stores, presenting an identity document,

in the form of an electronic mail, signed with a secure electronic signature,

in a private office on the website

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